Gastro offer

Istria is a well-known destination for culinary delights and in Bistrò Jolly you will definitely find the best selected options to satisfy your taste.

Cold starters

We offer a tasty range of typical Istrian delicatessen likeraw Istrian ham orbacon, exquisitesalami with truffles, goat cheese: all served with a sprinkleof local olive oils and recently baked focaccia bread.

Hot starters

The top dish in this section is the famous marinara or busara mussels: delicious!

Pasta and risotto

The risotto with seafood and the pasta with home-made Grandma bolognese sauce are a must try at Bistrò Jolly! We also have vegetarian options.

Meat dishes

In the meat sectionwe recommend the Tagliata, a typical Italian dish. We prepare little strips of veil fillet on the grill and then serve them with arugula salad and Grana Padano cheese. Other two top options are the pork fillet in red wine sauce and the Patate in teciaor smashed potatoes, the Istrian way.

Fish dishes

The restaurantboasts a large variety of fresh and high quality fish varieties, directly from the Adriatic Sea.The top sellers are Scampi/shrimps on the grill as well as sea bass/bream and squids.


Since 1990 we prepare our pizza daily and hand made to preserve its natural freshness and bake it in the wood-fired oven to continue the tradition. We recommend the classic and most favorite Jolly pizza with Istrian raw ham and bacon, onion and olives or the Vegetarian pizza.


As there is always a small place left for the dessert you will find a daily tasty selection of our best sweet delicacies.